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From the founding of the “Ziegen für Mweiga” project in 2005 to the present day, several organizations have been accompanying the growth and progress of the project with advice and action. There are:



The Africa advisor Heidrun Göttler traveled to Kenya with community advisor Ulrich Frey in October 2005 and made contact with the St. Josephs Brothers (BSJ = Brothers of St. Joseph) with whom the goat project was founded. For many years she and MISSIO accompanied the project work with advice and action.

St. Josephs Brothers, Mweiga / Kenya

The trigger for the establishment of the goat project was the exemplary social and pastoral work of the brothers in Mweiga with and on the AIDS sufferers. At the time, there was no state aid or support for those who were HIV positive. They were not given drugs that were prohibitively expensive. Social ostracism was the order of the day. The self-help groups of AIDS sufferers are now completely self-sufficient and no longer need any financial support. Even if the focus of the project work has shifted to the Solio region as a result, there is still a friendly relationship with the St. Josephs Brothers in Mweiga. The then superior of the order, Br. David Muchocki, and project founder Ulrich Frey have been linked by a deep personal friendship ever since.

Solidarity in One World e.V.

When a Kenyan group visited Bavaria in 2008, the participants came into closer contact with Fair Trade and the Solidarity in One World Association on the occasion of its 25th anniversary. After their return to Kenya, they founded the association "Solidarity Kenya", deeply impressed. Since then, both sides have endeavored to grow and deepen the friendship. The board members Jane Kigotho, Nicholas Wambugu, Steven Waweru and Br. Haron Kamau are reliable local partners for the organization and implementation of encounter trips to the projects in Mweiga and Solio.

Donation and help campaign

The donation and help campaign ( has been on board with the project work from the start and supports it in various ways, e. B. through donations to the project from the sales proceeds, through production orders to craftsmen and cooperatives for special customer requests. When doing business, great importance is attached to the fact that they meet the criteria of fair trade and that the craftsmen receive a fair price for goods produced in an environmentally friendly manner.


The church aid organization MISEREOR has also been a partner in the projects for years. MISEREOR has kindly been transferring donations to local partners for years. The specialist speakers and employees are on hand to help with the further development of the projects.

Parish Arzberg

the Catholic parish of Arzberg leads the project, formerly “Ziegen für Mweiga”, now “Pro-Kenya”, as an official aid project of the parish and entrusted the support of the project to the technical committee “Mission - Development - Peace - Preservation of Creation”. Donors and sponsors can thus receive donation receipts for submission to the tax office.

Bavarian State Chancellery

With a well-founded application, peppered with numerous practical projects, the Kenyan partners convinced the Bavarian State Chancellery and received funding of 20,000 euros as part of the Covid-19 program for African countries in autumn 2020.