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The craddle of the project

A partnership between the Diocese of Regensburg and the Diocese of Nyeri / Kenya has existed since the 1970s. During the meeting trip to the partner diocese of Nyeri in Oct./Nov. 2005 the St. Josephs Brothers in Mweiga were also visited, who presented their work on and with people infected an affected on AIDS in the region.


There is a spark between the brothers' superior, Br. David Muchocki, who is responsible for working with the self-help groups for AIDS sufferers, and Ulrich Frey, the pastoral worker from Arzberg parish. The great challenge quickly becomes clear to find ways and means that enable AIDS sufferers and self-help groups to keep their body's defenses active for as long as possible, despite the lack of medication. Medicines are prohibitively expensive.


The “Organic Farming” specialist group of Caritas Nyeri also came on board and the idea for the goat project was soon born. During the stay in Kenya, the first points for the goat project were elaborated in consultation with the MISSIO project officer Heidrun Göttler, who has also been a member of the visitors group.

The various points of progress show the diversity of the Pro-Kenya's project work:
  • Funding goats for AIDS sufferers
  • Financing a goat breeding station
  • Establishment of a nursery for the St. Josephs Brothers, who sell fruit and vegetables to people with AIDS at low cost
  • Expansion of self-help groups for AIDS sufferers
  • Special program for girls at risk of prostitution
  • Seminars for AIDS sufferers
  • Workshops for "goat driving licenses"
  • Food aid for the famine
  • Financing of rainwater tanks and collection systems
  • Organization and implementation of a youth meeting trip in 2010
  • Financing of drip irrigation in the school garden
  • Foundation of a tree planting project (meanwhile 16,000 trees planted)
  • Use of local manufactured energy-saving stoves
  • Construction of permanent school kitchen houses including storage space
  • Financing a toilet facility for a kindergarten
  • Organization and implementation of a meeting trip in 2017
  • Organization and support of 3 representatives of the project partners during the 2018 visit to Germany
  • Application and project management for the Covid19 special project in Solio funded by the Bavarian State Chancellery
  • Information for donors and advertising for a special aid campaign with food and hygiene packages for particularly affected seniors in Solio
  • • Organization of further corona relief campaigns in connection with the corona pandemic for the project partners in Solio